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House Rules

Current Stats Working on: Scripting engine part II (Behaviours) Reading: The Goodman of Paris Watching: No Country for Old Men Learning: Personal finances Not too much progress on Tainted Sword to report. I’ve spec’d out the first basic classes, but

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A Line of Dominos

Creative Director’s Notebook Working on: TS screenplay Researching art contract costs Reading: Sylvie & Bruno Playing: Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting Experiencing: Cosmopolis film soundtrack Wow! Looking back through the archives, it appears that I haven’t posted since August 8… 2011?!

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Celebrating Success

Current Stats Working on: Scripting engine (callbacks) Reading: The Mythical Man-Month Playing: Bastion Painting: Dwarf Thunderers If you’re reading this, the website migration worked mah-velously. Hurray, progress!  There are still a few tweaks to make, but I’m shelving them for

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More new habits (and a new website template)

Current Stats Working on: Website fixes Reading: Heresy (Michael Coren) Watching: David Copperfield (BBC) Playing: Puzzle Quest I mentioned some Tainted Sword related habits in my last post, but there are some personal habits I’d like to form, too.  Here’s

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Ahh, the new year…

Time for new year’s resolutions.  Go big or go home. 2012 was a year marked with personal and professional achievement, paid for with stagnation in Tainted Sword.  I hereby declare 2013 a year of developing habits to support those achievements.

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