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Game Design in the Field

When our noble and distinguished contemporaries talk about what it takes to be a great designer in the video game industry, I feel that one point is consistently missed: games are everywhere, and in the majority of cases, they don’t

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Monday Night Cinemas…

The slightly more annoying brother to the Laid back Friday Night Cinemas, this brother occasionally pops in his head to see how things are going. In this case, hope this brightens up your evening. Share on Facebook

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Fighting Stagnation

Y’know, it’s tough to keep momentum while trying to feed and clothe yourself. And it’s not even like our jobs are soul-sucking or anything.  They’re quite nice, and the company is really swell.  But it is a high-performance organization, and

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It’s Alive!!

To be clear: we’re referring to the website, not the game. The game has been chugging along merrily despite the lack of updates, thank you very much 🙂 We’re happy to welcome back our resident Poop Midas, plus our level-designer-and-Überina-understudy,

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