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Friday *sigh* Epicness

We wanted to quench your thirst for epic games using this epic video. But embedding was disabled on youtube 🙁 Extra Credits is still pretty epic, though. Share on Facebook

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Friday Cinema

We flame trolls beacuase we love them. Share on Facebook

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Ohhh…. Daniel Floyd!

In a previous GDC article, we thought that we were being randomly accused of being one Darryl Floyd.  It turns out we were mistaken – our misguided petitioner thought that one of us was Daniel Floyd, the narrator for Extra

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Über Marketing Manager Throws Up in Ritzy Hotel!

Okay, we’ve teased you enough about our surprise.  Introducing our Marketing Manager, Überina (as seen in a couple of our other photos)!  She’s been by our side (or more accurately, on Kevin’s hand) throughout most of our trip.  She’s fun-loving

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Flyer fail

Today’s business was an exercise in hilarity.  I think that everything we did earned a little bit of notoriety for Uber Game Studios at the expense of making me look particularly foolish.  And that’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to

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Pick a Number Between One and Darryl Floyd!

Well another GDC is well under way for us.  We spent the day well – with some interesting seminars, talking with some very interesting people (and very interesting people talking to us), and missing the Game Developer Awards by sitting

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Of Auspices and “Other” Spices

San Francisco is sunny and warm in March.  Chances are, where you are, it’s not.  Haw haw! We’re here, and we’re settled in.  Two out of six light bulbs may be burned out,  but our hotel room is notably devoid

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