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Friday Jollies

And in honor of our new site design, here is some highly witty British comedy for your amusement. The legacy of Oscar Wilde lives on! “> Share on Facebook

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Increasing Our Momentum – BHAGs

Making significant progress on a large project can be difficult, especially without regular pay. Fortunately there are numerous ways to overcome this challenge, some of which will be discussed in future posts. But let’s talk about one key method now

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Friday Cinema – Your weekly allotment of lulz

AWWW! Can you handle the cute?? If you make a dead baby joke, you’re going to hell. Share on Facebook

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This blog is stagnant like a tepid pool of filth.

In related news, there was a sewage backup in my basement this morning. So, updating blogs, right? Yeah… *slurp*… I’ll have to get you to go ahead and come in on Saturday to do that. *slurp* It might look like

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