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The Story: Another lesson in agile game development

This post is really just Scrum to the Max! part II.  Same disclaimer applies.  Also, expect a few more of these kinds of posts while we’re feeling out this whole game-development-scrum thing. Okay, we’ve spent a lot of time talking

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Friday Cinema – Double Feature!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Friday Cinema.  But you’ll agree, this one was worth the wait! Oh, what the heck – here’s another one.  Doesn’t it just give you a warm fuzzy feeling? Share on Facebook

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Scrum to the Max!

A disclaimer: this post is exclusively about game development processes, and assumes a bit of prior knowledge.  If you don’t know or care about those, you’re probably better off watching wii accidents on YouTube. We’ve mentioned in previous posts that

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The Microsoft Poop-Midas

Do you know someone who couldn’t surf responsibly if their life depended on it?  Someone who thinks music lyrics websites legitimately offer free ringtone downloads just because they say so?  Someone whose Windows partition has an average life expectancy numbered

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Friday Rainbows

Remember the double rainbow guy?  Ever wonder what he’d be like in everyday life? My trip to the Okanagan last week was an endless string of double rainbow guy references.  Devin from BioWare, you ruined my life. Share on Facebook

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Dazed and confused

So, the new build of the combat engine is coming out this weekend. Here’s a short history of the combat engine: 0.1.63 (end of June): First combat engine released in a Media Event (if you want to see the video,

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