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Friday Cinema

Here we are at Friday again! Enjoy this week’s cinema, and we’ll see you on the flip side. Share on Facebook

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The Beauty of Placeholder Art

I’ve discovered something rather profound – I’m not an artist… in a purely visual sense.  Specifically, I can’t sketch to save my life.  Fortunately, I’m not the Art Director on “Tainted Sword” (we still need artists by the way, contact

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Friday Cinema

Another interesting talk from TED.  That shirtless guy kinda resembles the indie game movement, doncha think? Share on Facebook

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And a balmy blue evenin’ t’ yeh all!

So here begins another week of development on Tainted Sword.  The CheckWars project is on hold for a few weeks, so Lewis and I are coding like madmen trying to get our combat prototype off the ground.  It looks fantastic

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Ahmed Ahmed as Ahmed

The economy sucks.  Which is why this week, Lewis and I are both plentifully endowed with free time (as opposed to to just being plentifully endowed).  We’ve been doing some pair programming in the XP style, working on our fabulous

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Mr. Ravensbrook, I presume?

Well it seems like a good time to take stock of my activities relating to “Tainted Sword” and what’s on my plate for the next week or so. First off: Communication has been made with a special selection of our

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There’s an eye in me soup…

Alright, so I’ve finally got a “Hello World” application connecting to my server in Flash CS4.  The trick is that we can’t use FlexEvents (or any Flex features at all), but we should be able to get around that using

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