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Woohoo! Red5 is finally configured!

I finally got a “Hello World” client/server application set up with Red5 0.9.1 and Eclipse 3.5 on Windows 7.  There were a lot of tricks involved getting this all set up, for which I’d like to acknowledge the following blogs:

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Our GDC Adventures

It’s 25 minutes long, so please be forgiving if it a takes a few minutes to load! Get the Flash Player to see this content. Share on Facebook

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Game Design = Head + Brick Wall

One of the interesting things about game development is looking at the various examples one uses for inspiration.  As a gamer, you experience all types of different games and you quickly get a sense of what works and what doesn’t,

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Kevin’s week, post GDC

It’s been a crazy week since GDC.  We’re scrambling to get some stuff in place and put together a good combat engine prototype (ETA is two weeks – look forward to some screenshots with crappy placeholder art!).  We haven’t managed

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One Week Later…

Well it’s been a full week since our return from San Francisco, and after severe procrastination, I finally got around to putting together our strange and wonderful video from our experience in the land of game developers and other colorful

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Hi Brittney & Vanessa!

Lewis and I met a pair of charming young ladies from Ontario at breakfast today. It was great fun to meet them and to describe who we are, what we do, and the different facets of game development.  Key highlights:

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GDC Survival

Well we survived GDC 2010.  A success by all accounts: lots of business cards exchanged, lots of swag, plenty of food, and assorted interesting experiences.  Final day at GDC consisted of a couple session relating to concept art and game

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The Creative Process: How an “Art Game” is Born

Lewis and I came up with a great idea for an indie/art/socially conscious game that will impregnate the ENTIRE population of Ohio with our demon progeny. The thought process is undeniably magnificent, so we’re posting it here, unabridged. It started

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And the Winner is…

What a day!  Wow!  Easily the busiest day we’ve had so far at GDC, needless to say, we are tired and sleep sounds very nice indeed. Quick summary: We sat in some interesting technical sessions that went way over my

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The happiest place on earth

With no seminars or exhibitions open today, Lewis and I were left to our own devices to amuse ourselves by any means necessary. Naturally, I donned my tie-dye shirt and skin-tight wranglers (which were significantly less skin-tight than the last

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