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Trying out tools so you don’t have to!

Cubicle festering. Avoid it… Using Scrum!

Alright, it’s time to finish off the series (same disclaimer applies).  We’ve been talking a lot about Scrum lately, and with the help of Clinton Keith’s Agile Game Development with Scrum, we’ve finally settled on a system that we all

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The Story: Another lesson in agile game development

This post is really just Scrum to the Max! part II.  Same disclaimer applies.  Also, expect a few more of these kinds of posts while we’re feeling out this whole game-development-scrum thing. Okay, we’ve spent a lot of time talking

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Scrum to the Max!

A disclaimer: this post is exclusively about game development processes, and assumes a bit of prior knowledge.  If you don’t know or care about those, you’re probably better off watching wii accidents on YouTube. We’ve mentioned in previous posts that

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But moooooom, we’re in a meeting!

We had a demonstration with the good people at PlasticSCM regarding their source code control tool.  For those of you who are in the know, PlasticSCM is positioned competitively in the corporate Software Configuration Management (SCM) market alongside such distinguished

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Scheduling an Indie Project

If you’ve ever tried to start a company, you know that one of the hardest aspects is finding time to work on it. As Lewis mentioned in a previous post, most people are too busy trying to feed and shelter

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