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Thoughts relating to story and characters, both with Tainted Sword and in general.

Official Post for March?

You are reading my official post for March… posted on the first of April. April Fools! Or something like that… So I’m a little behind this month, but it has been a month of transition so I think it is

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Old Stories and New Ideas

Creative Director’s Notebook Working on: Researching art contract costs Seeking art contractors Reading: American Vampire (comic book series) Playing: Soundless Mountain II Experiencing: Michael Haneke‘s films Coming swiftly on the heels of Kevin’s last post is this one. Normally I’d

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Mr. Ravensbrook, I presume?

Well it seems like a good time to take stock of my activities relating to “Tainted Sword” and what’s on my plate for the next week or so. First off: Communication has been made with a special selection of our

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