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The Creative Process: How an “Art Game” is Born

Lewis and I came up with a great idea for an indie/art/socially conscious game that will impregnate the ENTIRE population of Ohio with our demon progeny. The thought process is undeniably magnificent, so we’re posting it here, unabridged. It started

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And the Winner is…

What a day!  Wow!  Easily the busiest day we’ve had so far at GDC, needless to say, we are tired and sleep sounds very nice indeed. Quick summary: We sat in some interesting technical sessions that went way over my

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The happiest place on earth

With no seminars or exhibitions open today, Lewis and I were left to our own devices to amuse ourselves by any means necessary. Naturally, I donned my tie-dye shirt and skin-tight wranglers (which were significantly less skin-tight than the last

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Gender Ratios and Other Matters

Well this is my first of a possibly endless number of blog posts, and it’s coming to you from the decidedly unique city of San Francisco. Our great achievements of the day at GDC?  Well, we got our passes… and

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This hotel is fabulous

No seriously, you don’t even know.  Our light fixtures come in kaleidoscope colours and our bed has zebra stripes.  There’s also an “intimacy kit” mixed with a bunch of snacks, but it costs 12 bucks if you use it.  We’re

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Hello from San Francisco!

Lewis and I made it to sunny California and were bombarded by flagrant American riches and a very brightly adorned hotel.  Our hats are gathering a bit of attention, our first business cards have been deployed, and as much as

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