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Busy… tiles… Jamaica… diarrhea…

Well ladies and gents, it’s been a busy week so far – and it’s not even Friday yet.  Sadly I can’t claim that my busy life this week was only due to Tainted Sword development.  Rather it was focused on

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Friday Cosplay

Speaking of cosplay, this video frightened me so much I just had to post it. The ending segment probably scarred me for life. Share on Facebook

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Look! It’s Master Chief!

Ok, so maybe this post is just an excuse to post this terrible picture from the interwebs for your viewing pleasure. It reminds me of a person of uncertain gender at Animethon who appeared to be dressed as a long

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Sooo Tired…

Ok, so this isn’t such a great picture… but what do you expect from a basic point-and-shoot camera? Anyway, this post is just to prove that Über Game Studios was at Animethon, sponsoring the console gaming room. If you weren’t

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“No Press is Bad Press”

What do the following items have in common: disguise glasses, body spray, whoopee cushions, and CDs of romantic accordion music?  They are all “business expenses” (along with a few items I won’t divulge here) that will be used at the

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Ah, video stills…

For those of you fans of our delightful Facebook page, we have the first glimpse of our alpha release media event up for you to peruse.  One important note: these are stills from video footage, which means they may not

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The Impact of Art

The trouble with coding your own game engine is that the best features are often the ones that the outside viewer can’t appreciate.  You can be working on a game engine for weeks or months, possibly years,  but the vast

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Friday Cinema

Here’s something new: Friday cinema on Saturday! Enjoy this unusual promotion video for a popular casual game.  I only have one thing to say… “Best Tagline Ever!” Share on Facebook

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Shameless Plug

Having business cards on hand is a great technique for getting your name out there – provided you aggressively seek out opportunities for handing them out!  Case in point: I was in Calgary this past long weekend on my annual

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Overcoming Indie Fatigue

Making an indie game can be difficult, especially if it is your first effort.  I’ve witnessed an unpleasant amount of indie projects that start off strong… and then fade away unfinished.  There are a number of potential reasons.  Certainly one

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