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Official Post for March?

You are reading my official post for March… posted on the first of April. April Fools! Or something like that… So I’m a little behind this month, but it has been a month of transition so I think it is

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Old Stories and New Ideas

Creative Director’s Notebook Working on: Researching art contract costs Seeking art contractors Reading: American Vampire (comic book series) Playing: Soundless Mountain II Experiencing: Michael Haneke‘s films Coming swiftly on the heels of Kevin’s last post is this one. Normally I’d

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A Line of Dominos

Creative Director’s Notebook Working on: TS screenplay Researching art contract costs Reading: Sylvie & Bruno Playing: Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting Experiencing: Cosmopolis film soundtrack Wow! Looking back through the archives, it appears that I haven’t posted since August 8… 2011?!

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Yay for Animethon Promoting!

Those of you in the fine city of Edmonton may have been aware of a certain convention this weekend known as Animethon.  Some of you may have even attended!  But the real question is whether or not you were one

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Über Marketing Manager Throws Up in Ritzy Hotel!

Okay, we’ve teased you enough about our surprise.  Introducing our Marketing Manager, Überina (as seen in a couple of our other photos)!  She’s been by our side (or more accurately, on Kevin’s hand) throughout most of our trip.  She’s fun-loving

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Pick a Number Between One and Darryl Floyd!

Well another GDC is well under way for us.  We spent the day well – with some interesting seminars, talking with some very interesting people (and very interesting people talking to us), and missing the Game Developer Awards by sitting

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Hey, isn’t it GDC time???

Well, ladies and gentleman, Game Developers Conference 2011 is here!  And as of tomorrow morning, Kevin and myself, accompanied by Mark (in his first GDC visit) will be on our way to the beautiful and strange city of San Francisco. 

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Friday Jollies

And in honor of our new site design, here is some highly witty British comedy for your amusement. The legacy of Oscar Wilde lives on! “> Share on Facebook

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Increasing Our Momentum – BHAGs

Making significant progress on a large project can be difficult, especially without regular pay. Fortunately there are numerous ways to overcome this challenge, some of which will be discussed in future posts. But let’s talk about one key method now

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Friday Cookies… om nom nom nom

Given that I used the phrase “Om nom nom nom” in my last post, it’s only fair that I give credit to its originator! Share on Facebook

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