<3 Über Game Studios is in a relationship with Flaming Pigeon Studios.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve signed an agreement for the art and music of the Tainted Sword project with a local independent art studio called Flaming Pigeon Studios.  With their skillful art-hands and music-knowledges, and with our bloated code-brains, we will together be able to rule the worl – *cough* I mean,  provide you with delicious entertainment.

Flaming Pigeon Studios, like us, are entering the industry at the lowest level, having an abundance of skill and a dearth of Industry Overlords.  After a flurry of activity generating asset lists, code breakdowns, and estimates, we’ve arrived at a fair agreement that will allow both of us to benefit financially from the project with each studio capitalizing on their strengths and retaining ownership of their assets and intellectual property.  Jared from FPS remarked, “It’s kind of fun to write a fair contract.”

I’ve also never heard of an independent game studio signing a deal with an independent art studio, both studios retaining independence (and let’s just say “independence” once more because it’s fun).  It makes a heckuva lot of sense, though.  And hopefully this deal will lead not only to a successful game, but also to some more business heading in the direction of our friends at FPS.

Here’s to you, mates!

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