Ah, video stills…

For those of you fans of our delightful Facebook page, we have the first glimpse of our alpha release media event up for you to peruse.  One important note: these are stills from video footage, which means they may not look as good as “real photos” would.  Nevertheless, enjoy.  Consider these appetisers until the main course (the actual video itself) is posted.

On that note, I hate video editing.  I also love video editing.  This strange and wonderful relationship goes up and down depending on my frustration level with the process.  It can be very exciting to edit video.  It can also be very boring.  And it depends on the quality of the video.  I tend to have a perfectionist streak, which means that I am very rarely satisfied with the way the video comes out (mainly due to my totally inept camera work).  Fortunately I am surrounded by enough people to reassure me that it looks great regardless, and I try to be content with that.

That being said, the editing of this particular video is not done yet, plus we still need to film a couple of bookend shots for it.  But keep checking back!  It’ll be up soon, and if you’re bored in the meantime, you can also rewatch our GDC 2010 video.

As for the video stills that I mentioned, if you want to see them and you are not currently a fan of Tainted Sword on Facebook, make sure you follow that friendly Facebook link, view the pics, and choose to “like” us once you’re done!  Then we can spam you to our heart’s content (just kidding!).

Happy viewing!

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