All systems go and ready for lunch

Those who follow our fanpage (and are unfortunate enough to also be our friends on Facebook) have been recently bombarded with event invitations for the launch event for the first release of our game on June 29.  Lewis and I are pretty new to this whole “publicity” thing, but we hope to end the day with a hilarious video of ourselves and our audience attempting to look legitimate in the face of a very serious industry.

The actual release will just be an “internal” alpha build of our combat engine prototype – sans any kind of polish whatsoever.  But it functions!  And hopefully, it will provide joy to those who use the disc for activities other than frisbee.  Actually, frisbee is fun, so we hope it provides joy to those people too.

So where does this leave us in terms of development?  We’ve recently formed what we like to call our Game Design Committee which meets every week for a 7 round cage match around a whiteboard to discuss various gameplay, interface, and balance issues.  We’re hoping this will provide insight into polishing our game that pair programming cannot provide on its own.

We also have to modify our nice tiling engine, create a standardized map/event editor, contemplate dynamic world and subquest design, integrate everything together, and produce a grossly gargantuan amount of content to satisfy the objectives of our story.  Oh, and we need an artist.  Like, really badly.  I don’t like to speculate at timelines, but it should be suffice to say that we have a lot of work left to do before we try to sell this thing.

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