Shameless Plug

Having business cards on hand is a great technique for getting your name out there – provided you aggressively seek out opportunities for handing them out!  Case in point: I was in Calgary this past long weekend on my annual visit to Video Game Trader, a terrific store for the aspiring video game collector.  I discovered this hidden gem randomly in a phone book many years ago, and have spent far too much money there since.  But as a collector, every purchase has been worth every penny… even when spending $230 on a pristine copy of Valkyrie Profile!

Anyhow, on this particular trip to the store, I decided to take the opportunity to shamelessly plug Über Game Studios, and it just so happened that I had a business card on hand.  Hopefully the kind folks at Video Game Trader will stop by our site (if this is you, hello!) and with any luck, we might just find our own work on their shelves in the future!

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