Sprint 1 complete!

On Friday, Lewis and I finished our very first iteration of combat engine prototype development. It’s pretty rough, but you can attack, win, and lose. We’ve already unearthed a small horde of assumptions and design considerations that will need to be addressed in future iterations.

Of course, the biased opinions of the game’s developers will only be able to carry us so far. In the near future, we will be wanting to distribute our prototype to YOU – our loyal fans – for testing and feedback. By our best estimates, we’re about 3 full weeks of work away from a fully functioning combat system, at which point we will be holding our very first media event (sans media) in order to unveil our hard work.

Here’s a fun fact: Our game size jumped from under 5 MB to nearly 300 MB today when we added five music tracks in lossless .WAV file format. To compare, World of Goo was released at 75 MB, Plants vs. Zombies at 60 MB, and Braid at 150 MB. That’s right kids, compression is your friend.

Also, our sound effects studio is currently google.  If you’re interested in the worst sites that the internet has to offer, browse the free sound effects websites.   Read the testimonial –  it’s “albolutely fantastic!”

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