A day at the office

Last weekend, I moved to a new place that is quite a distance away from Lewis. In the spirit of compromise (and taking inspiration from 2D Boy), we decided to meet up in the food court of a local shopping mall and “get our game on.”  We were able to find power outlets, but the lack of wi-fi was perturbing.  Surely, a shopping mall would want to encourage people to hang out all day, take advantage of their food establishments, and partake in some impulse shopping out and about during their breaks.  What excuse could they possibly have for not providing wi-fi to their internet-inclined patrons?

Perplexed we were by this, until the answer finally came to us today in the form of an irate cleaning lady who crushed our delusions of legitimacy.  Apparently, not only do they not WANT us to hang out in the mall during they day, but there are strict POLICIES regarding “loitering” which allow a maximum of 2 hours spent in the food court during lunch time or a maximum of 45 minutes at other times of the day.  Capacity doesn’t matter, they just don’t want you spending a significant amount of time there.

When was the last time you were kicked out of a mall?  Was it because you were coding in C#?  Sheesh, what were you thinking!

I think Lewis and I have been spoiled by the University culture, which maintains that any chair next to a power outlet is an appropriate location for binge studying and extended project work.  Even in the San Francisco core, when your welcome starts to wear thin at one coffee shop, you can literally walk for less than a block and find a fresh one to set up in.  But in Edmonton, you pretty much can only work at home, at school, or at an office – and there is a very good chance that all of them are separated by an average of 45 minutes to an hour by public transit.  Edmonton is built on oil, not on culture, academics, or innovation.  That’s a shame, because I think there is a lot of those things to be had in this dirty, windy city, if only they could be concentrated and nurtured.

Whatevskys.  When you’re an indie game shop with a $0 budget, you can’t be discouraged by the little things.  You just do what you’ve gotta do and hope that the world accommodates you.  No shame no gain!

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  1. Andrew says:

    I commonly spend hours studying/working at second cups. Most locations have one or two power outlets (others have more – but these are rare), and all locations have free wifi (registration required). While I do feel obligated to buy a coffee/(espresso based drink) or two, I generally feel quite productive and not at all unwelcome. Plus I LOVE coffeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Just an Idea…

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