And a balmy blue evenin’ t’ yeh all!

So here begins another week of development on Tainted Sword.  The CheckWars project is on hold for a few weeks, so Lewis and I are coding like madmen trying to get our combat prototype off the ground.  It looks fantastic in the designs, but we won’t really know how balanced or fun it is until we can try a few different fighting scenarios.  We’re aiming to have something playable by the end of the month, and things are chugging along nicely to that inevitable conclusion.

In the meantime, there won’t be a whole lot of entertaining stuff to show you, except maybe some previews of content we have lined up.  Luckily, I’ve got you covered!

I wrote a series of articles on MMORPG design some time ago for Ogaming network.  They’re still hosted on Allakhazams, but good luck finding them.  It’s about time I hosted them on my own site, and what better place than a development blog for an independent studio!  I’ll bring ’em over one at a time under the category “Cliffhanger”.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be inspired to write a few more diatribes at the expense of the current industry bigwigs (which are still roughly the same as the industry bigwigs 6 years ago, by the way).

Speaking of ranting, I’ve also been looking for a channel for personal expression.  Instead of obscuring that stuff on a personal blog, I figure I might as well post it here for lulz.  Oh, and maybe that will do something interesting for our Google words results too.  So look forward to all kinds of random crap spewing from my mouth in the “Rants” category!

[Update September 2010: Wow, what an optimistic post.  CheckWars is dead and none of the stuff I promised has surfaced on our blog yet.  Guess I’ve got some work to do…]

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