Mr. Ravensbrook, I presume?

Well it seems like a good time to take stock of my activities relating to “Tainted Sword” and what’s on my plate for the next week or so.

First off: Communication has been made with a special selection of our GDC contacts.  Hopefully these communications will continue and prove fruitful.

Secondly: Our character progression system has finally been worked out – at least in a general sense.  Over the next while, I’ll be hammering out the details and testing it to ensure it will work for our game.  Nevertheless, this is good news.  From the beginning, we were trying to find a way to abandon traditional experience levels, but never really had a proper sense of what this could look like.  But now the problem has been solved! … Let’s just hope it works.

Next: In a constant quest to provide ‘just that little bit extra’ for the player, hidden plot scenes will be unlocked based on fulfillment of various conditions.  These Supplemental Scenes will also allow the opportunity to flesh out more of the characters who would otherwise have limited screen time in the game (*cough cough* the Minister *cough cough*)  Of course, this means I’ll actually have to sit down and write out these extra scenes.  But I’m certainly not complaining!  After all, Plot Writing = Ecstatic Joy!  (Really, it does!)

And Finally, on that note: Our devious Minister has finally received a proper name.  Say hello to Minister Christophé Ravensbrook!  A very nice man indeed.

So, that pretty much covers it for the time being – namely, about a week.  Then we’ll see where we are.  Who knows?  It might be the right time to study some C#!

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