There’s an eye in me soup…

Alright, so I’ve finally got a “Hello World” application connecting to my server in Flash CS4.  The trick is that we can’t use FlexEvents (or any Flex features at all), but we should be able to get around that using Flash CS4 features.

My teammate on the CheckWars project has been subtly hinting to me that I need to pick up the pace.  So I thought I’d share with you good people what all is on my plate right now:

Checkwars (End of April)

  1. Set up local development environment for Flash/Red5
  2. Connect Flash CS4 demo to Red5 locally
  3. Connect Flash CS4 demo to Red5 remotely
  4. Mock up basic shared object demo (chat client) and test locally & remotely
  5. Design UI and workflow for game
  6. Design external (i.e. PHP) UI for Facebook, including payment system
  7. Investigate Facebook API (lengthy)
  8. Upload & test simple app on Facebook
  9. Build Facebook portion of game (chat UI & lobbies for launching CheckWars game)
  10. Integrate CheckWars into Facebook architecture
  11. Launch party!! Woot!
  12. Profit?

Tainted Sword

  1. Combat engine prototype
  2. Integrate quest engine & save/load state
  3. Map Editor
  4. Follow up on ~30 business contacts made at GDC

Other Stuff

  1. Study for grad school entrance exam (April 12)
  2. Take up running again (boot camp?)
  3. Investigate summer jobs
  4. Investigate student loans
  5. Do my taxes (April 30)
  6. Organize huge church event (June 6)
  7. Get my driver’s license and a car/insurance (April 30)
  8. Investigate housing closer to campus so I can move out! (May 31)
  9. Pick a dentist, optometrist, and physician
  10. Become a real person.

Right now, CheckWars is fighting with Other Stuff for hours, with the token hour or two being thrown to Tainted Sword as we go along.  Needless to say, don’t expect a combat engine prototype from me until sometime in May.  That is, of course, unless Lewis wants to jump in and learn some C#… 😉

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  1. Andrew says:

    GRE? whats this? Don’t do it Kevin!!!!!

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