GDC Survival

Well we survived GDC 2010.  A success by all accounts: lots of business cards exchanged, lots of swag, plenty of food, and assorted interesting experiences. 

Final day at GDC consisted of a couple session relating to concept art and game design considerations based on genre.  From there, we spent way too much money on various items ranging from speciality chocolate to video games (of course).  Ah well… what can I say?

By the way, people in San Francisco take St. Patrick’s Day pretty seriously.  It’s not even the actual day yet, but they blocked off the streets with a huge parade and people all over the streets were decked out in green, packing the bars full.  Of course, that doesn’t quite explain the vast number of people on the street in wedding dresses (men too – this IS San Francisco we’re talking about after all).

Dinner was at House of Nanking, based on a recommendation which proved to be a terrific suggestion.  Very good food, although extremely busy – it has a strong reputation.  We even saw other GDC attendees there; if it managed to coax out GDC attendees that far away from the conference centre, it must be good!

Well, that’s it!  We still need to fly back home, get everything organized, and determine if the trip was worth the hefty cost.  My preliminary guess?  Oh yeah!

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