Remember Remember the End of November

For me, when it comes to blogging, a promise given is more often than not a promise… forgotten. Not this time. Today you get to see the After that goes with the Before from four weeks ago!


Hrmm. Well, it’s a little different on the surface. The toolbar has changed a bit, and those little red X’s weren’t there before. But what does it mean?

The problem with posting screenshots is that the first visible step of progress usually looks far more impressive than the following ones. That’s because we usually start with a lot of scaffolding (i.e. buttons and interfaces that give an impression of the final design but don’t really do anything) and then fill in the functionality from there.

In the original screenshot, the grid represented a single flat layer that could be imported and edited. Now we have five layers – three of which can be imported, four of which can be edited, and all of which can be made invisible. The X’s are from the Collision layer, which determines which tiles the player can’t enter.

After playing around with the end results for a bit, it looks like this design won’t quite accommodate this map’s complexity. But more on that for a future post. For now, I claim victory!

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