*March*ing forward

And now for something completely different!  Or maybe its same sort of thing we did, like, two blog posts ago.  Only better.

Here’s what we’re up to this week, along with representative pictures.

BlurbCurrently working onNotable food consumed

Lewis the Great

Lewis is expanding his creative interests in the world of film. Screenplay written, equipment, staff, and locations acquired. Filming begins later this month!Map design layoutsA taco salad using tater tots. Ok, so that's not *that* notable, but it tasted a lot better than I expected...

Peter the Stylish

Peter is waging PvP war in World of Warcraft. I'm also playing Tales of Xillia with my bro. My rivalry in NHL 14 is getting intense!Map design layouts and first drafts and character skills/abilities A three layered cake for a one year old, made by a friend. Frosted frosting included. So goo-SUGARRRR RUSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Kevin the Pirate

Kevin is improving his Java design practices by using techniques he learned at work. Please post lame coffee jokes in the comments.Map editor refactoringHalf a block of feta. 'Cause there ain't nothin' betta'.




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