2013 Year in Review

What, 2014?  It feels like only four “monthly” posts ago that it was the beginning of 2013.

To recap, here’s my report card for the goals I set for myself last year:

Communicate frequently (at least weekly) 13 posts in 52 weeks: D-
Plan our time (also weekly) B-
Read a book every month 20 books read in 12 months: A+
Play a game every month if you include board games: A
Watch something enriching every month A
Exercise weekly F is for Fail
Accomplish something for TS weekly B+

Okay, so the frequent communication bit didn’t work out (when does it ever?), though we did make 13 posts in the year compared with only 5 in 2012..  The rest of the list didn’t do half badly, aside from exercising.

Not that you would know it from all the blog posts we didn’t write, but this was also a very good year for Tainted Sword.  Our game engine is feature-complete, though parts of it need a significant refactor effort and we will have lots of script functions to add as we progress through the game story.  We also landed a contract with a very talented local artist named Angela (deviantart page here), who made us lots of high-quality portraits and user interface elements.  A couple of design-minded friends have been helping us flesh out our combat mechanics and level design.

To top it all off, Lewis and I put our heads together and mapped out all of the work that will need to be done before our first public demo can be released, which means that the end is finally within view.  Suffice to say our next focus is for animated sprites, our map editor tool, and doing quick mock-ups and prototypes for our first few levels.

So will Tainted Sword be released in 2014?  I’ll avoid making any promises, for what should be an obvious reason by now (remember our original release date, Christmas 2012?).  I’m confident enough to at least promise that you’ll see something this year, especially because we have so many great things saved up that we haven’t shown you yet!

Next post, I’ll make my goals for 2014 (I’ll be a little more aggressive and a little more specific this time) and share some musings on perspective.

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