Official Post for March?

You are reading my official post for March… posted on the first of April. April Fools! Or something like that…

So I’m a little behind this month, but it has been a month of transition so I think it is justified. The big thing outside of Über news for me is the job situation. Namely that my previously job contract wrapped up last month and I’ll be embarking on a new and improved situation for April and beyond. That’s pretty exciting; change is always interesting so we’ll see how it goes.

I had a bit of a break at the end of the month which I had intended to spend on Tainted Sword development. Truth be told, I did not spend nearly enough time on it, rather choosing to spend the time reading, catching up on my film backlog, and generally relaxing. I am feeling somewhat refreshed for what’s it worth, but some refocus back on Tainted Sword is definitely needed this month.

Kevin wisely put forward some of his short-term goals in his last post. This strikes me as a good idea so I will do likewise. Here goes:

Creative Director’s Notebook
Working on: Balancing workload on various projects
Seeking art contractors
Reading: The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Aged 37 3/4
Playing: Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder
Experiencing: Requiem for a Dream soundtrack
  • Determine goals for this quarter (April 6)
  • Complete another full edit of all dialogue for Chapter 1 (April 21)
  • Begin negotiation with potential art contractors (April 30)

Having openly posted lists like the one above provide a sort of accountability to actually accomplish the work stated. That’s what I hope will happen here. In addition, Kevin and I plan to meet during the next few days to discuss exactly where we want to be by the end of this quarter, and what it will take to get there. Once we determine that, we will be sharing that with the likes of you as well!

So if you are asking yourself “what can I do to help these ambitious guys out?”, the answer is simple: hold us accountable! If we don’t deliver on a promise, complain loudly and demand an explanation! We’re not merely making this game for ourselves; it’s for all of you potential customers… I mean players! 🙂

And that is not an April Fools joke!

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