The happiest place on earth

With no seminars or exhibitions open today, Lewis and I were left to our own devices to amuse ourselves by any means necessary. Naturally, I donned my tie-dye shirt and skin-tight wranglers (which were significantly less skin-tight than the last time I wore them – damn you boot camp!) and we set out to find some trouble.

We immediately felt an intense pull as though from a magnet to The Happiest Place in San Francisco, Castro street.  I think we were the only GDC attendees who were brazen enough to attempt the trip; despite being deep into the endzone of the other team, we avoided gathering much attention (likely from the camouflage provided by my shirt).  The two shops we had the courage to enter were quite entertaining; for more information, you’ll need to wait for the ultimate video aftermath for the excursion.

In terms of the conference, we did get to pick up some nice swag and meet some interesting people at a little gathering put together by Microsoft to pimp out their Games for Windows services.  I got to shake hands with Michael Wolf, whose articles I used to read in PC Gamer magazine before he became Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft.  And yes, I was still in my “special outfit” at the time.  Bonus!

On a last minute whim, we decided to try hitting up Fisherman’s Wharf for some chow and some exploring.  All the sights were no longer to be seen by the time we got there, but we did manage to grab a bite to eat at The Blue Mermaid Chowder House, which was suitably excellent to justify the trip.  A ride on a rickety relic of a railcar back to our hotel, some maintenance on our database hostnames, and it’s off to bed.

The real schmoozing starts at the conference tomorrow morning at 9:00AM with a presentation by Intel on using threads in your games.  Can we say “Awesome”?

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