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Coming swiftly on the heels of Kevin’s last post is this one. Normally I’d wait a few days to space things out, but I’ve committed to post at least once a month to provide an update on the design/story end of the spectrum. And as I haven’t yet posted in February and this is the last day of the month, this is my last chance to get it out there.

The bulk of the writing for the game has been done for a while, and is primarily waiting on the other aspects of the game to get caught up. This is not a surprise; the essentials of the story were devised long before much of the gameplay dynamics were – in fact, certain story elements helped form the gameplay. However the extra time is useful; it has allowed me to edit, redraft, and reedit plot scenes and dialogue extensively, all of which (I hope) will make a better story experience for the player. A while back I was introduced to the script-writing program Celtx which has proven extremely helpful throughout this process. I’ve used it for Tainted Sword but also as my main tool for my sideline screenplay work.
In the Über Game writing world, I’ve also been formulating another story which I would eventually like to pursue as a future game project. I’m trying to limit my focus on it, as Tainted Sword takes first priority and needs to be brought to completion before any other game project can be seriously considered. However when those ‘idea’ moments strike (all too rare for me I’m afraid), I’ve got to pursue them and at least record them somewhere for later use. And when Tainted Sword is wrapped up and out there being played, I might just be able to see where I can take this new story… assuming the rest of the team buys into it of course. I’m certain they also have great game concepts and story ideas too, which are likely as good or even better than mine. So when the time comes to pick a new project, the team will just have to – as they say in Ogre Battle – Fight It Out! 🙂

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