March in Review

Finished Last Month
Tainted Sword: Scripting Engine (Woo!)
Video Games: Battle for Wesnoth
Wedding stuff:
  • Apartment found!
  • Honeymoon booked! (thanks Grace)

Well, March was a wash for communication. Sowwy. On the bright side, we’ve had some darn good progress. The scripting engine is implemented and ready to go – it just needs some commands and some scripts to fuel it. We had created a dialogue tree mock-up before going to GDC last year, so our current goal is re-implement it using the nice, generic scripting engine format. After that, we move on to the tutorial area and cut a deep slice out of our feature set while driving towards a distributable demo.

Likewise, my e-reader proved its worth many times over. I’ve reached a sad point in my life where printed books probably can’t be a part of my daily habit any more, but e-books are with me at all times of the day to fill up any spare minutes. If I had some audio books to play while I drive, I could probably double my reading capacity again.

This Month’s Goals
Tainted Sword:
  • Template Map for Placeholders
    (April 3)
  • Script commands for dialog, sound, and combat
    (April 10, April 17)
  • Sample Script integrated
    (April 24)
Books Confessions (St. Augustine)
Board Games (designing): Axis & Allies: Air Force Minis, campaign setting
Wedding stuff:
  • Move into apartment
  • Determine order of ceremony
  • Set up joint accounts

My stats this month are in a slightly different format. Lewis and I met for lunch this week, and we realized that we hadn’t really set any solid goals for the first quarter of 2012 (which can only mean that we have achieved everything that we had hoped for! ;)). So we’re going to be doing some brainstorming together some goals for end of June 2013, and more importantly, scheduling them.

Wedding stuff and moving into my apartment will be taking a further importance this month, so I’m afraid my updates to the website may be sporadic. Sowwy x2.

I think that instead of playing a game this month, I’ll try to design one. I have all these ideas buzzing around in my head for a persistent campaign setting using Axis & Allies: Air Force Miniatures. It may or may not end up sucking, but it’ll be worth a blog post.

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to a friend of mine. Jessica Kluthe wrote Rosina, the Midwife, which was released last month. The story is deeply personal as well as historical, and possibly one of the bravest stories I have ever seen written. Lots of admiration and respect to Jessica! If you want to support a local author, I highly suggest you check it out.

Okay, that’s enough of the serious stuff. Here’s what you really came for:

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