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Not too much progress on Tainted Sword to report. I’ve spec’d out the first basic classes, but have yet to see them all working together (which is a must before I’ll really grok what it’s doing).

On the personal front, I’ve finished reading The Mythical Man-Month (one of the closest things that Software Engineers have to classic literature), and snuck in Byzantium (it’s hard to know whether I devoured the book or it devoured me).  I also finished painting my first Dwarf Thunderer, which I’m proudly/vainly displaying anywhere that pictures can be posted.

Beards are delicious.

Beards are delicious.

Lewis and I had a rousing discussion on some of the board games that we have played recently, particularly Quarriors and Memoir 44 (among others).  It’s funny how accumulating board games can make a person see potential improvements and cross-overs from games in similar veins.  Quarriors, for example, feels like it can be over with just a few lucky rolls, while Thunderstone (a close analogue) can be unwieldy and time-consuming.  We’ve been trying out house rules to patch up their shortcomings, but some things are systemic to the design.  For my part, I’m positively itching to try and mix my Axis & Allies miniatures with Memoir 44 for greater detail and variation in units.

On the surface, it seems like a board game would be easier to create than a video game, in terms of assets and expertise required.  The prototype would consist of mostly printed materials and simple stand-in game pieces.  The real challenge, of course, is designing and producing a cohesive package — disciplined thought-stuff mixed with artistic vision.

Lastly, I witnessed a fascinating debate on Extra Credits regarding Religion in games, in which Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem featured prominently. Here’s an amusing explanation – you’ll be surprised how often it comes up once you know it. Enjoy!

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