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Wow! Looking back through the archives, it appears that I haven’t posted since August 8… 2011?! We can’t have that… and since Kevin has done such a fine job revitalizing this website and posted some interesting um… posts, I feel it is only proper that I do the same.

This past year felt somewhat underwhelming for me due to many reasons which I won’t get into here. Regardless however, I have determined to see that 2013 is a marked improvement. To that end, I also have some goals set of varying sizes; some small and relatively easy to accomplish (read at least one book a month, finish at least one game a month) to the more challenging and meaningful ones.

In particular the following: To push over the first domino!

One of the biggest challenges that any would-be game developer/artist/writer/filmmaker etc. faces is the “Unfinished Project”. A project that starts off strong and passionately, yet stalls midway through. At which point it becomes a type of zombie project; staggering around, convinced it’s still alive but with no end in sight. It turns out that finishing a project is hard, it truly is. And currently I’m sitting on a small pile of unfinished projects: not all of them have stalled, but some are dangerously close to doing so. So what is the solution? To push to over the first domino in a line of carefully balanced dominoes (and not be like this guy)!

Yes, each domino represents a project (I’m sure that was obvious). My intention is to focus on the first domino in line and push it over. Finish a project (yes, totally completely finish), so I have the experience and knowledge that project completion is possible. From there, each domino in that line will topple one-by-one. Complete one project and all other projects will follow! I’m not saying that project completion will be automatic, but with the experience in my belt, I know I’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls of the zombie projects.

With that in mind, this blog will become a sort of accountability for me this year as efforts are made to move things forward. Stay tuned!

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