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Current Stats
Working on: Scripting engine (callbacks)
Reading: The Mythical Man-Month
Playing: Bastion
Painting: Dwarf Thunderers

If you’re reading this, the website migration worked mah-velously. Hurray, progress!  There are still a few tweaks to make, but I’m shelving them for now.

I strongly believe that the key to confidence and happiness is to set yourself up for success and celebrate the victories along the way. To that end, I beat Puzzle Quest (le gasp!), watched David Copperfield (mmm, eye-literature), and finished reading Heresy (he’s a bit ranty, but he has a nice compilation of Christian do-gooders and their writings).

I’ve also dusted off my miniatures and got some encouraging comments from friends.  One even offered to pay me to paint his minis for him (lol!  I guess he was impressed, but he didn’t realize that my current track record of painting would get him less than one figure a month).  Once I finish the regiment, I’ll post a picture of some dwarf awesome-sauce.

My next Tainted Sword goal is to work on the scripting engine.  I’m building the script image in the likeness of the Scripted Event System from Riverman Media.  The system is simple and powerful, but I have to wrap my mind around how to implement it using C# and delegates.  This time next week, I expect to have the base classes mapped out and functioning with callbacks.

Matt, Mark, and myself are also getting together this weekend to try out some of our ever-increasing stack of board games.  I expect a good design analysis to fall out from at least one of those games, so stay tuned!

Oh, and because we can:

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