Ahh, the new year…

Time for new year’s resolutions.  Go big or go home.

2012 was a year marked with personal and professional achievement, paid for with stagnation in Tainted Sword.  I hereby declare 2013 a year of developing habits to support those achievements.  For Tainted Sword, the habits that I’ve recognized as personally important are:

  1. Communicating frequently (at least weekly)
  2. Planning our time (weekly)

My theory is that progress without communication is infinitely worse for building a community than communication without progress, and with a hobby indie project, community support is everything.  This blog has a fairly underwhelming readership, and I think that in order to be successful, we should have a goal of interacting (via blog, forums, or email) with at least one new person outside our immediate circle of friends over the course of the new year.

Also, I’m going to set a new priority for myself: our website needs to be fixed.  Our WordPress template doesn’t let us show flash videos on our front page – and a blog where you can’t post videos of cats is not a blog, it’s a waste of internet real estate.  The current template’s one important feature is our flashy logo at the top, so I don’t imagine that it will be too difficult for us to migrate to a better one.

Anybody else have any resolutions to share?

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