Fighting Stagnation

Up, up, and AWAY!

Y’know, it’s tough to keep momentum while trying to feed and clothe yourself.

And it’s not even like our jobs are soul-sucking or anything.  They’re quite nice, and the company is really swell.  But it is a high-performance organization, and as can be expected, it takes a significant mental and temporal investment, even at times outside of working hours.

Every indie project has its share of troubles.  We struggle on with the distinct impression that there is actually very little keeping us from exploding with progress.  And, as always, we’re holding to The Vision:  build something awesome and don’t sell out to EA.

Our Achilles heel continues to be the production of in-game art assets.  Thankfully, we’re not alone with this trouble — our brainy partners at Flaming Pigeon Studios may have found a solution, in the form of an artistically-endowed friend.  If all goes well going forward, we may just see that rocket-propelled growth that we crave.

(And if we had a nickel for every time we’ve said that… ;))

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