Yay for Animethon Promoting!

Those of you in the fine city of Edmonton may have been aware of a certain convention this weekend known as Animethon.  Some of you may have even attended!  But the real question is whether or not you were one of the lucky ones to pick up our Tainted Sword flyer.  Yes, that right, the first real promotional piece directly related to our flagship title!  Technically these shiny flyers were printed for distribution at GDC this year, but due to Kevin’s ‘flyer fail‘ and enforced rules on self-promotion, we never got the opportunity to hand any of them out – unless you count the one that blew away in the wind.  Somewhere out there, some hobo is probably in love with Verna, whose picture came mysteriously out of the sky.

Er… anyway…  We had the opportunity to take a seat in Artists Alley at Animethon, alongside Flaming Pigeon Studios and the fine artists that it comprises.  A big shout-out of thanks to them for the space… and free convention passes!  We also wandered the floors gawking at the many strange cosplayers and generally annoying people by forcing our flyers on them.  With the special help of Überina of course!

It should be noted that Kevin missed out on all the fun due to a unfortunate illness.  However our map designer and generally helpful member of our team, Matt, was more than willing to fill Kevin’s shoes as the bearer of Überina!  And he did a fine job; he might just have to be at the forefront of our promotional activities.

You may recall that last year Über Game Studios sponsored the Console Gaming Room at the conference.  This time, we were lazy and declined the offer in favor of the activities described above.  As it turned out, it was a good idea; the entire conference proved to be quite valuable – a lot of interesting people to talk to and hang out with.  People ranging from a professional game developer (from a little Edmonton company… what was it called… Bio-something?) to a very nice individual who joined us on our flyer rounds who provided some interesting ideas for future promotions.

With any luck, the people who took our flyers kept them rather than throwing them away.  In fact, it might be possible that you reached our site because of our flyer and/or brief chat during Animethon!  If this is the case, thanks so much for coming by our site!  Feel free to comment below and ‘Like’ our Facebook page!  We’d love to hear from you!

(By the way, the ‘Bio-something’ bit above was a joke.  I know perfectly well that’s called Bioware!  How could I live in Edmonton and not know the company that made that famous game… what was it called… Sonic Chronicles!)

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