The Über Bus

Following another invigorating sprint review and sprint planning session, I was trolling our webpage (yeah, I know, trolling your own website is classy) and I realized that you guys have no idea what’s been going on for the last several weeks since GDC — where the Über Bus is, who’s on it, and where it’s going.  Whoopsie daisy, lemme try and get you guys up to speed.  Don’t worry, it’s all good news 😉

First and foremost, we’ve been busy setting up our art pipelines with Flaming Pigeon as we gear up to leave the Pre-Production phase and head squarely into Production territory (video games follow similar development phases to film making, though the contents of each stage is wildly different from films).  Our FPS art director has returned from Japan safe and sound, and we’re sooooo happy to have her back!

Second, our meetings at GDC have revealed to us how important early feedback and cash flow are to getting the big name distributors, like Steam and XBLA.  With that in mind, we chose our new BHAG:

To release our first public demo and start offering pre-orders at the end of August!

Our first public demo will include the first draft of the entire user interface, the first two areas (constituting the bulk of the first chapter), and working versions of all of the features of the game.  This will give us 1.25 years to build the rest of the game incorporating all of your feedback.  During that time, the demo will be re-released at various stages to demonstrate new value.  How’s that for iterative development!

People who pre-order the game will pay a reduced amount of the launch-day pricetag while still receiving the full game when it’s released.  In the meantime, however, they will get new content to add to their demo copies at regular intervals as we continue developing it.

Well, there you have it, our goal until September.  It’s big, it’s audacious, and I daresay it’s hairy too.  But if we meet it, we’ll be in a very good position to realize our long term goal, which is a holiday 2012 release.

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