Über Marketing Manager Throws Up in Ritzy Hotel!

Okay, we’ve teased you enough about our surprise.  Introducing our Marketing Manager, Überina (as seen in a couple of our other photos)!  She’s been by our side (or more accurately, on Kevin’s hand) throughout most of our trip.  She’s fun-loving and smart – if a bit prissy – and the best part is she fits in a suitcase!  She definitely has quite the personality as you’ll see in our trip video and she was very entertaining during our travels today.

And what a day!  Today was our designated “Tourist” day, where we act like the tourists we are and visit the sights of San Francisco and eat the food.  And what food too!  We returned to the Blue Mermaid Chowder House that we enjoyed last year, and introduced Mark to the joys of their chowder specialities.  They have so many options that I’m determined to try a different one each year.  Trouble is, I wasn’t able to remember what I had last year.  So to avoid this problem from happening again, I’m making this public: I had the Crab and Corn Chowder, their feature this time.  Mark went for the California Chowder (which he claims is the best chowder he’s ever put in his mouth), so I’m determined to have that next year.  Turns out the hotel that houses the restaurant is owned by Kimpton – which owns the Hotel Triton, so Kevin took the opportunity to steal another of their pens.

According to one of our city guides, one of the hotels near Union Square had a glass elevator going up 32 floors over the city.  So we figured it was a great opportunity for a video shoot for us.  So with Überina and our hats, we ventured into this extremely ritzy hotel, ducked past many well-dressed people, and finally found the elevators in question.  We rode up with a running camera and one very excited Überina.  When we reached what we assumed to be the top floor, we set up to film our puppet pretending to vomit from the sudden upward movement.  Just then, the doors opened and three well-dressed businessmen entered grimly.  Worst timing ever!

We said our farewells to the GDC Expo floor, and then went out to Fisherman’s Wharf for a day of food and shopping!  Along the way, Kevin dressed as a pirate (complete with full beard), Mark became an escaped convict from Alcatraz, and I was forced to ride the carousel with Überina while several teenagers pointed and laughed at me.

So with that, we wrapped up our day as well as our time in San Francisco.  We leave for home (and snow, sadly) tomorrow.  But it’s been a great trip, and if the footage we collected is even half as good as I hope it will be, it should be a pretty epic video.

Another post to come tomorrow morning, when Kevin relates an interesting realization!

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