Flyer fail

Today’s business was an exercise in hilarity.  I think that everything we did earned a little bit of notoriety for Uber Game Studios at the expense of making me look particularly foolish.  And that’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make!

We have footage for all of the wild and weird things that we did, so I won’t share many stories just yet.  But I will say that they involved puppets, carnival games, and possibly midgets.

One particularly hilarious event happened outside the Moscone Convention Centre.  There were a bunch of scantily clad women handing out flyers for their products, so we thought we’d give it a shot as well (fully-clothed).  Having a puppet on my right hand, I soon fumbled my Tainted Sword flyers all over the side walk and, suitably embarrassed, turned to Lewis and said “Lewis, it’s windy and I’m cold, and there are wolves outside!  I don’t want to do this anymore!”  So we picked up our flyers and departed in shame so I could try to repair my dignity while Lewis and Mark laughed at me mercilessly.  It’s probably good that we made ourselves scarce so we couldn’t get on the wrong side of the GDC ‘feds’ (see picture).

But it wasn’t all gags and shenanigans.  We attended two seminars, got some contact information from Steam and from Gamespy, shunned an ACLU representative who wanted our money, rubbed elbows with a bunch of well-dressed Canadian business dignitaries, and got into an argument with an indie developer from Calgary over our product release cycle.  Oh, and we plundered a pen from the Hotel Triton, too.

You probably think that we’ve dragged out our surprise for too long already, but too bad!  It’s (she’s) going to stay under wraps until her big internet debut tomorrow night.  Needless to say, she’s already helped us attract a lot more attention to ourselves than stylish hats and Lewis’ moustache ever did.  She also features prominently in our video, which should be wayyyy more entertaining than last year’s.

Oh, and “Trees!”

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