Pick a Number Between One and Darryl Floyd!

Well another GDC is well under way for us.  We spent the day well – with some interesting seminars, talking with some very interesting people (and very interesting people talking to us), and missing the Game Developer Awards by sitting on the third floor of a hotel.

Some highlights:

  • We managed to actually film some stuff on the Expo floor, so when we release our video, you’ll get to see what GDC looks like from the inside.
  • A model dressed up as Miss Universe was sitting at the German Gaming booth.  I don’t understand it either.
  • We got a contraband fox (a toy one – as seen in the picture); literally people were giving out free foxes in the centre until the GDC ‘feds’ came and shut them down.  Apparently you need a registered booth to be allowed to hand out free stuff to people.  Who knew?
  • We determined that Alberta really sucks when it comes to helping game design companies.  On the plus side, both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are very kind to people of our ilk.  Maybe it’s time to contemplate a move…
  • For those confused by the title of this post, that was an actual request given to Kevin as we sat outside a tea cafe.  To which Kevin gave the only natural, totally reasonable reply of “Trees!”  Turns out the guy was actually looking for a guy named Darryl Floyd and assumed that one of us was Darryl.  Clearly Darryl must also be a fan of our fedora hats!
  • We skipped out on the Awards to get a chance to meet with the main writer for Extra Credits, a game design video blog.  We sat around with a bunch of interesting people and spent over two hours discussing different aspects of game design.  As a bonus, we exchanged contact info with a couple of media reps and Kevin was proud to hand out our brochure to all present.  Verna’s on her way to becoming quite the recognizable face around San Fran!

It’s only going to get more interesting from here!  Back to GDC central first thing tomorrow morning, bright and early.

Oh, and about the surprise mentioned in our last post?  It relates to the pretty lady in our picture for this post.  More details to come tomorrow!


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