Hey, isn’t it GDC time???

Well, ladies and gentleman, Game Developers Conference 2011 is here!  And as of tomorrow morning, Kevin and myself, accompanied by Mark (in his first GDC visit) will be on our way to the beautiful and strange city of San Francisco.  The entire Tainted Sword team has been working themselves to the bone in preparation for the trip – that includes our wonderful and talented art and sound team over at Flaming Pigeon Studios.  A special shout-out to Lizz and Jared for the long hours put in and the excellent visual and audio result!

And speaking of which – I’ve just finished rendering our first ever promo video.  This teaser video provides the first look at Tainted Sword’s unique visual style coupled with an original soundtrack and voice acting.  We’re very proud of this video and we plan to shamelessly show it off throughout GDC this week.  Thanks to Flaming Pigeon, we also have some very pretty brochures, and shiny new business cards as well, and we plan to give away as many as we can to industry and media folk.  This is the opportunity to spread the word about the game and our company, and we plan to take advantage of this opportunity in full!

And just to document our grand quest, we’ve got our video camera in tow.  Which means you can expect a new “GDC Adventures” film for your viewing pleasure after we get back.  Plus blog posts and pictures coming your way daily during the trip so you can stay up on date on how we’re embarrassing ourselves.  It’ll be just like you’re there in San Fran with us – and all without needing to get up early in the morning to stand around at the airport.  Lucky you!

Until then folks!  As Kevin would say, ‘see you on the flip side’!

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