State of the Engine Address II

It’s been a bit more than a month since the last one of these.  Here’s how things are shaping up!

1) How’s it lookin’ (build 0.7.155 & 0.8.165)

In build 0.7.155, we added (and animated) interactive objects to our engine.  For now, this looks like a nice, shiny treasure chest that makes a jingling sound when you approach it and hit the “interact” button on your controller/keyboard.  Originally, I had planned to use a big, greasy fart sound effect, but I couldn’t find one in time.  Sad face 🙁

We added a save function to the map editor that creates an empty new file and crashes.  Mark’s been getting pulled in about fifteen billion different directions, so he didn’t quite meet his goal for saving maps.  That’s okay, Mark – as long as the code doesn’t smell like poop!  It’s written in Java, so I think you’re fine.

On the plus side, though we didn’t quite make our velocity predictions, we did manage to improve our velocity by 50%, despite the best efforts of holidays, exams, and girls to derail us.  We’re pressing forward and increasing our work commitments a bit more; we’ll see what happens.

In build 0.8.165, we refactored the map editor from the ground up and finished our implementation of the save feature.  The code was getting a bit ugly, but Mark was going for quick fixes and not elegance.  We went through it together with a fine-toothed comb and brought it mostly up to snuff.  It’s /technically/ usable by humans in it’s current state, but we’ve got a bit of work to go until we can provide a “no shark attack” guarantee.

We didn’t quite meet our velocity expectations, but we did observe another 10% increase over last sprint (due in large part to Lewis’ efforts on the story side).

2) What we’re doin’ (build 0.9.X)

GDC will be upon us in only a couple of iterations.  A couple?  Yeah, that means two.  Yikes!  We’re definitely going to be better prepared than last time (our “functioning” game demo last year featured a bunch of beige rectangles drawn on a reddish-brown background), but we’d like to put together a little video introduction to our game, listing its key features.  We’ve identified a number of important engine tasks, mostly related to the map editor and the adventure engine.  Up this iteration: our conversation system!

3) Where we’re goin’

With our last BHAG (“Be able to create maps and import them into the game”) achieved, we’re focusing on our new one: “Show off in-game footage in our GDC demo.”  Any in-game footage we include is going to have placeholder art, but that’s ok.

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