Increasing Our Momentum – BHAGs

Making significant progress on a large project can be difficult, especially without regular pay. Fortunately there are numerous ways to overcome this challenge, some of which will be discussed in future posts. But let’s talk about one key method now – the BHAG! BHAG stands for a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”, and for us, BHAGs are exactly what we need to move forward. To this end, we’ve set two very significant BHAGs in our future.

The first is set for the end of this year – the Big Hairy Goal is simply this: we want to be able to build maps. The second, set for March of next year, is even more hairy – not to mention big. We want to have a polished demo of Tainted Sword. What this demo consists of can vary: ideally we’d like to have something playable. In lieu of that, a gameplay video would be great, or some polished screenshots would suffice as well. The key point is to have something visual and polished for showing off.

And why are we so interested in being able to show off Tainted Sword in March? Just a small little event known as Game Developers Conference 2011 of course! That’s right, the friendly folks of Über Game Studios intend to return back to the wild and colorful world of San Francisco to happily embarrass ourselves further in a quest to gain attention to our company, drum up support for our game, and entertain you with our antics. Plus it’s a great excuse to increase our development momentum in order to bring Tainted Sword to the light of day (and your eager, grasping hands) sooner!

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