Busy… tiles… Jamaica… diarrhea…

Well ladies and gents, it’s been a busy week so far – and it’s not even Friday yet.  Sadly I can’t claim that my busy life this week was only due to Tainted Sword development.  Rather it was focused on various meetings, studying, midterm writing, more studying, more midterm writing, etc.  But never mind!  There are important achievements to note nonetheless.

A big shout-out goes to Mark, who was introduced on this blog before in all his Microsoft Poop-Midas glory.  Mark has been working hard and the fruits of his effort are quite apparent: we almost have a fully functioning map editor!  The importance of this achievement cannot be understated; with this built we can finally start generating the game world.  Of course, there are some more tasks that need to be done before the tiling engine can be considered finished, but we are so close I can smell it (nothing to do with brown and squishy fingers).  There is great satisfaction in being able to import a tile set, generate a grid of any size we want, and start pointing and clicking to place the tiles on the grid.  RPG Maker, eat your heart out!

As for Kevin, he’s having a relaxing Jamaican vacation this week.  By “relaxing”, I mean he’s probably stripped to his waist with the blazing sun beating down on his back, as he toils endlessly away constructing a home for those who desperately need it.  A truly wonderful thing to do, and I wish him and his volunteer team all the best!

That’s all for now!   I’ve got to start thinking about the ‘gross goodies‘ I’ll be serving at a Halloween party this weekend.  Mmm… diarrhea delights… Om nom nom nom.

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