Look! It’s Master Chief!

Ok, so maybe this post is just an excuse to post this terrible picture from the interwebs for your viewing pleasure. It reminds me of a person of uncertain gender at Animethon who appeared to be dressed as a long green box, a costume that covered their entire body right down to the ground. No armholes were present, and the person inside the costume appeared to have to get around by shuffling their feet inside the box. The only contact to the outside world were a pair of eye holes cut out. Forget all the elaborate recreations of anime character costumes – that green box wins my vote for best cosplay! To the mysterious green box, if you’re reading this, take a bow!

Other than that, this is my opportunity to mention how difficult it seems to be to get work done during the last couple weeks of summer. People seem to be harder to contact, others go on vacation, and I keep wanting to find other activities (anything but working on the game). But all is not lost! Careful story contemplation and discussion with our design comittee has yielded an exciting direction for Tainted Sword that provides a whole new layer of complexity and intrigue. This new direction will remain a mystery for now, especially as it needs to be run past everyone involved on the development team – and that will only happen once certain unnamed members of our team come back from their exotic vacation. Right, Kevin? 🙂

So stay tuned, folks! I know I will.

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One comment on “Look! It’s Master Chief!
  1. Kevin says:

    I approve of all mysterious new ideas, as long as I don’t have to code them 😛

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